influencing body with active meditation

certainly there are people out there who are still skeptical about the power of mind to change bodily functions, despite all the scientific evidence that thinking can even change genetic expressions. not only your own thinking can influence your body.. it’s enough to someone say you very good or too bad words, affecting your thoughts and your physiology. the very fact that placebo effect exists and is administered as legitimate treatment with real effects on body, should make you understand how strongly one can influence the body with his/her own thoughts. active meditation is not an empty mind type of activity.. it’s the alignment of one’s thoughts and actions to the reality and truth, and then finding the way to influence the aging process of the body. that’s the goal of my method of meditation: to train your mind into controlling your body up to its most fundamental processes.. to always regenerate in perfect bodily function. there’s a lot to learn before one can take a look inside and see the truth of the body. your body is created and maintained by the outside world, with the help of your mind, thus first of all one must begin controlling what comes into the mind — lies or true understanding of the world.. to control how your brain functions – based on facts and knowledge of the reality or lies and ignorance. you cannot build a healthy body on wrong understanding about surroundings, because your actions based on lies will harm both your mind and body. the mind full of contradictions, all held as valid information for living and making decisions, cannot maintain a healthy body. the less you know how the world really works the sooner you’ll begin having health problems and getting old.. even without any external physical damage — your mind itself will be killing your cells and making them behave unhealthy, because your cells also carry information and will be in conflict with themselves. and it’s not only about knowledge of true world.. true actions must also be taken to bring your body into harmony with nature.

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